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Welcome to Stronglines Physiotherapy

The most innovative musculoskeletal physio practice in Northamptonshire.

We are Chartered Physiotherapists with decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge. We rebuild people from injury and disease. We deliver exceptional and cutting-edge research-based care in a friendly and motivational setting.


We care about the impact injury has on you and your lifestyle. Your swift recovery is of the greatest importance to us. We do not stop at just getting you pain-free. Effective treatment is about removing the reason you had the injury in the first place.


We are here for you.



Physical aches and pains associated with the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves of your body. All ages, fitness levels and goals.

Cancer Rehabilitation

The aim is to give your body the best chance of fighting disease and getting the most from treatment.  This is a vital part of your journey from the point of diagnosis right through to discharge.

Performance Physio

Being pain free allows us to build resilience. Gait analysis, Resilience Screening and Programming are services you can use to Futureproof yourself. These are some of the skills we bring as part of our Sports Medicine support and packages we offer Schools and Sports teams.


Innovation is in our design. We have an open plan rehab space equipped with treatment tables, functional training rig, power racks, bands, barbells and kettlebells, COMPEX, video gait analysis suite with live feedback.


We also have treatment rooms available for manual therapy, and complimentary therapies.

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