Fred Braithwaite


Fred constantly builds on his links between therapy and strength training because this is the only scientifically proven way to make a real difference. No treatment modality works in isolation and a mixture of well-practiced manual therapy and targeted strength training has a proven track record to long lasting recovery and injury prevention.


Fred built the Stronglines facility to enable well rounded therapy. He then built the Stronglines family to ensure a solid skill set that is delivered by professionals to get the best results.


Special interests – Spinal Injuries, Long Term Athletic Development, Cancer Rehabilitation, Triathletes.


Tom Hewitt

Lead Clinician

Tom is passionate about the need to assess accurately, treat each client effectively and as an individual, whilst reminding them that rehabilitation continues beyond being pain free. Tom has an ability to see every facet of the client in front of him. He is exceptional at managing the mind as well as the body.   


Special interests – Podiatric Biomechanics, Cancer Rehabilitation, Hockey, Winter Sports.

Sophie Slope


Sophie has worked predominantly in the NHS and has a keen interest in orthopaedics, particularly shoulder injuries and rehabilitation.
She recently completed a mas
ters in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health with the aim of making the sports medicine approach to treatment  available to everyone, not just elite athletes. This also allowed her to research concussion assessments in rugby, aiming to influence better concussion management at amateur level clubs.  


Special interests – Orthopaedics, shoulder injuries, rugby, concussion


We always have our ear to the ground for excellent Physios to join the Stronglines family. If you have a recommendation of someone that you think shares the same approach as us and could benefit from a supportive team environment, where we encourage one another to become the best clinicians we can be, please do ask them to get in touch.