Stronglines are well placed to take you to the next level of Performance. Over the years we have worked with a multitude of elite, semi-pro and amateur warriors, all of which require very specific and individualised programmes. Seasonal variations and periodisation of athletic development in elite individuals can prove challenging and the support networks are often only associated with in season or at big events. The semi-pro athlete often has to find their own support network – we can be that hub. From injury resilience to programme analysis or help with technical ability – we can help.

For the ‘amateur’, working around work and family commitments is a huge challenge and one we are very good at finding hacks to get around. Triathlon, marathon, athletics meet or team event we have your back. We are your Sports Med team under one roof!



You are not injured but you need to get back to Performance. Returning athletes to sport is a measured and target driven skill. The process involves prescribing exercises, that are structured in a periodised athletic programme, designed to give you physical attributes to tackle your game. We would also create evidence based exit criteria at various intervals to prove your resilience. Returning an individual to pre-injury levels is not enough. You need to be stronger than before, move better, think better. You may require a specific programme to follow to ensure the compromised limb stays functional.



We also can come to your club and look at real world strategies to reduce injury rates and create Intelligent Athletes. Coaches are under a great deal of pressure to be a one-man Sports Science department. Let us be your support. Do you know when to push an athlete or when to back off? How to manage injuries in the acute state? How injury prone are your athletes? How to return them to sport? We are experienced in delivering Long Term Athletic Development programmes that yield performance results, team cohesion and reduced injury rates.

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