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Our ability to run is what has kept the human race on this planet since we crawled out of the ocean. Running brings so many health benefits it should be prescribed as medicine. However, far too often, running is associated with injury.


We have treated thousands of runners of all levels. Running mechanics, teamed with capacity and strength, are important, both for efficiency and injury prevention.


We use video analysis to take a deep dive into your running style and to show you what is happening. We then offer internal and/or external coaching cues to bring about appropriate changes.


Most importantly, we prescribe exercises based on building the physical properties you need to make those biomechanical changes feel comfortable and build resilience.


Next step, enjoy running, pain free!

One of the most common mistakes people make is in their programming. Mistake number one is a lack of a programme.


Important factors in programming are how many times you train, the number of times you train and the intensity at which you train. We can look at this in a week or month or year. Often, it is training error that creates injury. Correct programming leads to a consistent gains over months, years and decades.


We can programme for a personal best run distance or speed, taking part in multi-sport events and to build strength in power lifting or CrossFit.



At Stronglines we are well placed to step into any environment. We have a wealth of experience across a multitude of sports including professional rugby, professional cricket and international football.


We pride ourselves on our ability and adaptability to form part of your Sport Med team and deliver collaborative and impactful strategies at any point in the season based on the clubs specific requirements.


We know the challenges faced as a physio in sport and the budget restrictions. We are your solution to those challenges and restrictions.

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Returning to high level performance following a severe injury is tough. Often rehabilitation takes you to the point of return to play but return to performance is another matter. Sustaining that performance, that is an art.


Stronglines focuses on rebuilding more than a joint. Our model is designed based on professional sporting set ups


At the amateur level, access to Strength & Conditioning, Physiotherapy, Nutritionist, Psychologist and individualised coaching is near impossible and very expensive. We have a phenomenal network of people we work with to fill every facet of your return to performance.

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Schools, semi professional and amateur sports clubs often lack resources. Usually someone is there to massage the players and apply some tape, but what about preventing and monitoring injury? No one wants a bench full of injured players offering sub optimal performance.


We offer many ways of helping schools and clubs out varying from coaching educational/practical evenings, squad screening and profiling, resilience warmups and more.


For formal affiliations we can offer discount on treatments and equipment. Get in touch now to see how we can build a stronger team together.

We are proud to have worked with:

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