By injury, we mean any pain or dysfunction associated with the ligaments, bones, cartilage, tendon, muscle, fascia and nerves of the human body. Whether it is a niggle in training, long term issue or full-blown surgical reconstruction, we will develop a highly individualised programme encompassing multifaceted approaches to get the most out of your body’s ability to heal and restore movement.



At the highest level, the very best physio’s in the world understand that injury and pathology will not change without physical adaptation. The best way to bring about adaptation is to stimulate the bodies incredible healing ability. They do this by creating balance in muscles and good movement. That is why we do this at Stronglines. Our dedicated rehab suite is designed around your needs to create physical adaptation to get your injury better and stay better. It is the single most effective way to rehabilitate injury, manage chronic disease and enhance performance.


As an Orthopaedic Surgeon I rely on Physiotherapists to treat many of my patients with sporting or degenerative joint disease.


I have used Fred Braithwaite and his colleagues for many years and am very happy with their professional approach and clinical skills and so remain very happy to refer my patients onto them.

- Edward Crawfurd FRCS - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon



Initial assessment is where we gain a full subjective history including your past medical history and current medication so that we can build an informed objective assessment plan. We carry out the objective assessment to reach a differential diagnosis. It is the differential diagnosis that gives the treatment rational. We then dip into our treatment toolbox and use the most appropriate tools to bring about the physical change required. All you have to do is engage in the plan and get better.


Along your treatment pathway, injury screening is an integral part of building a futureproof you. It allows us to take a holistic view and make educated decisions when building a lifestyle plan to suit your needs.


Screening allows us to programme you for activities and sporting events. We can rescreen and re-evaluate at any point.


In your session we will assess you, provide you with a working diagnosis and initiate an effective programme that fits your lifestyle. The plan is a holistic and comprehensive strategy that encompasses every facet required for your recovery.




We have worked hard to earn collaboration with Consultants, Health Professionals and Athletic Trainers. We have an extensive network locally of the best of the best enabling us to provide you with the ultimate healthcare experience should you require multi-disciplinary input. We are HCPC registered and work with many insurance providers.


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