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Congratulations, you have made a fantastic decision for your health. Being part of the Stronglines family is about building a stronger healthier you, free from injury and pain and able to live your life to the full.


Stronglines is about using the very best medical research and information to craft health and lifestyle interventions that make genuine long-lasting impacts. Your health is our first and only concern.

You are welcomed into a warm and professional environment that is very different to other healthcare settings. We want you to feel relaxed and happy to be with us.


Innovation is in our design. We have an open plan rehab space equipped with functional training rig, power rack, bands, barbells and kettlebells, COMPEX, video gait analysis suite with live feedback.

We also have a treatment room available for manual therapy, and complimentary therapies.


We will be making a thorough assessment.

Ensure you wear appropriate clothing allowing us to do so.

Sports Kit

We need this for two reasons - able to expose the affected area and be prepared to get a sweat on! Come dressed ready for action.

Camera Phone

By far the best method of recording exercises and giving you bespoke instruction is on your very own phone.


We are musculoskeletal specialist Physiotherapists, which means we know a huge amount about how your body mechanically works. All pain is very specific, if something hurts, there is a specific reason, most therapists treat the symptoms, a good physio treats the cause.


Our skill set is vast, we have manual therapy, cognitive therapy, exercise therapy, electro therapy, the list goes on. We select the best tool for the job and apply it in the correct dose for your needs.

Rehabilitation is the foundation of recovery. We use physical stimuli to harness your body and minds ability to heal itself. We pick up the day to day movements, postures and loads that cause pain and offer solutions to ensure that the injury does not return.

We are Cancer Rehabilitation specialists. Did you know cancer patients benefit from exercise medicine pre during and after treatment? Different types of exercise create different adaptations in the body. We can use these adaptations to combat the effects of cancer and cancer treatment. For example, aerobic exercise increases tumour perfusion for someone undergoing radiotherapy. This means the treatment is more effective. Strength training before and during chemotherapy reduces toxicity. Plyometric training increases bone density lost to hormone replacement therapy.


Aside from the enormous physiological benefits, exercise for cancer patients also has hugely beneficial effects on cancer related fatigue, anxiety, depression and health related quality of life.


We are passionate about this and as a result, are representatives of the Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Foundation in UK and Northern Ireland. We fundraise so that cancer patients can receive access to group sessions free of charge.

We love working with runners and multisport participants. Gait analysis is something even the very best in the world need. There is so much that can be done to reduce injury risk and enhance performance by making subtle changes where necessary or building a strength programme to enhance what we see in the analysis.


Individualised Programming is about sustainable training and long term gains, what more could you ask for! We know exercise stimulus, physiology and we know adaptation. Put these factors in the right order and you have a powerful strategy to reach your goals.


We have decades of experience and between us have covered most major sports at international and national level. This places us well to step in and support Sports Medicine departments in team sport. We know what it is like to deliver care to groups, working to a budget and under pressure.


We also work with local sports clubs educating athletes, coaches, parents and teachers on athletic development, injury resilience and recovery strategy.

We can reach you anywhere in the world. Perfect for travel, short on time, working from home. 

You need a well lit area with space to lie down and move around. 

The camera should be set up for a full view of your body so movement can be seen and assessments made. 

You may require some home equipment e.g. bands, weights, foam rollers. 

DISC PRO is a specialist service for people with low back pain. Fred has a unique knowledge of low back pain and he has crafted a pathway for those who are suffering and who have probably had treatment fail them elsewhere. 

You can feel confident that everything will be done to fully understand your specific low back pain. A specific treatment pathway can then be prescribed based on that information. 

You are supported on every step of this journey with 24/7 access to Fred. 


Our preferred method of payment is contactless payment at your appointment.

We also offer packages of care – take a peek.


We work with all major health insurance providers so feel free to contact them and obtain an authorisation code to fund treatment with us.

We are here for you every step of the way. If there is anything you need please email,  send us a WhatsApp or call us on 01933 228 520 and leave a message.




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